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Classica: the concerts of the Truffle Fair

Sunday 6th October, starting at 11 at the Church of San Giuseppe in Alba, the curtain is reopened on CLASSICA, the concerts of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba.

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Eight musical events organised by the Alba Music Festival under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Nova and Jeff Silberschlag will mark the Sundays of the International White Truffle Fair.

These concerts represent a space of beauty and culture, dedicated to lovers of classical music, in one of the periods of greatest interest and attraction for the area.

First event

Andrea Bacchetti

On Sunday 6th October at the Church of San Giuseppe, Alba, they will perform:

Andrea Bacchetti piano from the Maffei Quartet
Filippo Neri violin
Giancarlo Bussola viola
Paola Gentilin cello

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The artistic programme of the entire exhibition reflects the international level of the event. During the CLASSICA days we will find great soloists like the pianist Elisso Bolkvadze, UNESCO artist for peace in a Chopin and Debussy program, cellist Alexander Hülshoff with pianist Joanna Przybylska with Brahms, Dvořák and Paganini Variations, then we will go from full quartets for Mozart’s piano and string trio with Andrea Bacchetti and the Maffei Quartet, the baroque with I Musici di San Giuliano, from the Trio Parsifal to the Guitalian Quartet guitar appointments, in a program that also pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci, to the virtuoso Luigi Puddu, to the four-handed piano duo with Yves Robbe and Macha Makarevich with the famous Pictures of an Exhibition by Modest Musorgsky.

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