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Manta: adventures at the castle

An afternoon dedicated to children, to discover – between one fairy tale and another – the history of Castello della Manta.

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Castello della Manta
Tel. 0175.87822


An afternoon dedicated to the little ones: among colorful disguises, a fun way to learn about the beautiful history of the Castle between one fairy tale and another. During the special visits, real secrets will be revealed: how to deal with a dwarf? What is the trick to escape the witch’s cauldron? But who is that hero who roams a bit angry in the baronial hall? He’s the jester, where did he hide?

An original visit that will involve adults and children discovering the suggestive rooms with a medieval flavor, full of charm and history, made unforgettable by the presence of famous fantasy characters, who with their adventures still populate the minds of all today. Wearing the clothes of these fantastic characters, the little visitors will be the protagonists of a fairytale afternoon.

For adults who want a less playful story, special guided tours are scheduled at 15, 16 and 17.

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