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Antique Markets

Sunday 6th October is the right day to go to the antique market held in Savigliano and Saluzzo.

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The Antiques Market is back in Savigliano in Piazza del Popolo and in Piazza Santa Rosa.

Info: tel. +39 335 6176 331
email and website . –

The Mercantico in Saluzzo

The appointment with the MercAntico, the small antiques, handicrafts, hobby and second-hand market that takes place in the centre of the beautiful city of Saluzzo is back.

An expected and participated event that proposes interesting and collectible pieces, alternating and curiosities for all tastes: from vintage 60s jewelery, to restored antique furniture, from unobtainable vinyl records to pieces of modernity of undoubted value, arriving at old prints, books, postcards and ceramics.

Info: Amleto Bertoni Foundation
tel. +39 0175 43527

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