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Colourful autumn in Fossano

The event, scheduled at the Foro Boario di Fossano, summarises the rural spirit of the Fossano area.

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Opening hours: Fri. 9am-1pm (reserved for schools), Sat. 9am-1pm(reserved for schools) and 3pm-6pm, Sun. 8am-6pm
Info: tel. 0172.60160
email and web: –


Colourful Autumn 2019 will open Friday afternoon 11th October and Saturday morning 12th October with educational visits to the fruit and vegetable exhibition reserved for schools.

Saturday 12th October from 3 to 6 pm opening of the fruit and vegetable exhibition to the public. On Sunday 13th October, from 8 am to 6 pm, the fruit and vegetable exhibition continues in conjunction with the market for typical local products. Sunday morning small animal market.

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