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23rd Festa della Bagna Caôda in Faule

Six days of festivities based on the typical Piedmontese dish consisting of simple ingredients: garlic from Caraglio, anchovies from the Maira Valley and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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The inhabitants of Faule invite you to taste the bagna caôda, a dish that with its ingredients tells the story and conveys the warmth of the locals. To give everyone the opportunity to taste this ancient and Piedmont peasant recipe, there are some gastronomic moments (every evening at 7 pm; Sunday also at 12.30 pm).

Moreover: camper rally, barter markets, review of ancient crafts, walks and rides along the Po, exhibitions and dancing evenings.

Weekdays and Saturdays starting at 7 pm, Sundays all day (bagna caôda even at lunch).

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