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The Antiquities Market is back in Cherasco

On Sunday 13th October 2019 in Cherasco will take place the traditional appointment with the historical Antiques and Collecting Market.

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Per info:
Cherasco Eventi – tel. 0172427050.


Among the streets, in the squares and under the ancient arcades of the city centre you will breathe old times atmosphere. 

Hundreds of stalls will offer every kind of objects, rigorously vintage: from furniture to textiles, from ceramics to books, work tools, lamps, dishes, toys and much more.

This event is one of the most awaited appointments by collectors and tourist, who, every year, overcrowd the city centre from early morning. Sunrise lights along with the exhibitors are, in fact, will welcome visitors until late afternoon. 

Traffic in the city centre will interdicted for all the vehicles. You can use free parkings in the nearby areas. It will be available also an equipped camper area. 

The Market is also a good occasion to visit the city and its architectural beauties, its museums and its art exhibitions (free admission): “Luci e ombre” by Carlo Giuliani at Palazzo Salmatori and “Venti contrapposti” by Serena Racca in the church of San Gregorio. 

It will be an ideal moment also to taste the local food and wine specialties: Cherasco is one of the eleven municipalities recognised for the Barolo production and, above all, it is the Italian capital of the snails, that you can taste in all the local restaurants. Moreover we suggest you to try the Barolo sausage and the “Baci di Cherasco”, a special biscuit which was born from the PGI Piedmont Hazelnut and cocoa and don’t miss the “L Cravé” cheese…and much more…come and taste! 

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