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Deers in the Maira Valleyalle Maira

On Saturday 12th October it will be possible to immerse yourself in the wild woods of the Maira valley following the sites where the deer have slept, leaving their footprints and feeling their verse that inspires both fear and fascination.

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Sergio Gardino
Guida Escursionistica Ambientale


The deer, the king in the alpine nature, has its maximum expression in autumn when the courtships begin for the females and the males, feeling the smells, go towards those that are defined as the “harems”. They try to conquer supremacy over them and defend them to the sound of determined horns from potential contenders, but what leaves the mouth open are the roaring that the males emit to start their battle of love.


  • Meeting in Alba Village at 2 pm and moving to the place planned for the excursion and the staging: San Michele di Prazzo in the Maira Valley.
  • Explanation of deer ethology.
  • Short excursion, deer sighting and roaring.
  • Following dinner at a inn in the Valley.
  • Return to Alba at the end of the dinner.
  • High ankle boots and obligatory sole in good condition.
  • Clothing possibly with dark colors.
  • Flashlight or front light.
  • To better spot the animals it is advisable to have binoculars. Photography enthusiasts can also bring a camera, perhaps with a telephoto lens and a tripod.
  • € 15.00 accompanying and organizing
  • € 15.00 trip in Van
  • € 25.00 approx: dinner at Locanda della Valle to be paid locally

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