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In autumn, among foods and wines of the Langhe

Saturday 12th October, from 6 pm, in Cossano Belbo, a food and wine tour of local dishes, mushrooms and Langhe wines.

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Proloco di Cossano Belbo


Food and wine itinerary with acombination of Langhe wines and local dishes immersed in an atmosphere of live music, acrobats, fire-eaters, Dh-set cocktails and hairart.

• Acoustic trio featuring international bluegrass songs “Lou Tente and the Cameltoes”

• The magic of the “Fratelli Ochner” balance

• Live music with the sax of “Michele Lazzarini and Katy vocalist”

• Cocktails with vermouth and Astisecco Docg, and animation with “Dj-set by Alberto Elle”

• “Author hairstilyng” for autumn models

Food and wine tour:

Knife cut Fassona meat  with porcini mushrooms

Veal slices with tuna sauce

Ravioli plin and meat sauce

Ravioli plin with butter and sage

Mixed boiled with bagnet

Hazelnut cake and bunet

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