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Chef Davide Oldani presents XFETTA

The innovative “perfect” lamellar truffle cutter created by Ambrogio Sanelli will be presented on October 13th at the 89th Alba White Truffle International Fair.

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The Nitro-B steel version will have a list price of € 75, while the exclusive limited version of 50 pieces in damask steel, complete with an elegant base in white Carrara marble, will be € 1000.


The White Truffle of Alba is undoubtedly a precious and unique asset, a food with exceptional characteristics that, to be enjoyed at its best, must be handled and sliced ​​with the utmost care. Chef Davide Oldani started from this consideration when he imagined XFETTA: a truffle cutter which, as its name suggests and according to the idea of ​​Davide Oldani, guarantees the “perfect” sanding on every plate and every type of Truffle. Hence the choice of an expert partner in the production of this kind of products for five generations: Ambrogio Sanelli.

Davide Oldani states: «When I created this object I made a reflection that has to do with the excellence of a product, with the precision of a” GESTURE “, and with the” RULE ” which for me is one of the factors of quality guarantee in the kitchen. While slicing a fresh truffle today you can eyeball, arranging the wheel, adjusting the spring and then cutting. This causes obvious differences between the thickness of the slats and an approximation that ends up penalizing a very valuable product.

The XFETTA truffle slicer consists of a single piece according to the logic of the LESS IS MORE that connotes many of my choices; cuts all of the slices of the same thickness, because precision is one of the characteristics that contribute to making dishes as repeatable as possible in the taste, taking into account the climate and season variables.

XFETTA is made with the best steels on the market, including a damask steel that makes it elegant in its functional simplicity. I chose the name XFETTA to convey two concepts: The first is that the slice has an ideal thickness and therefore is ideally “perfect” to enhance the truffle and its unmistakable fragrance, the second is that each slice is perfectly equal to the other. And even if we read “ICSFETTA”, the meaning of all the equal slices would multiply … to infinity. I decided to write XFETTA and not Perfetta so that even the name is as slim as the object it represents and that it was born – like all my design projects – from the daily observation of the guest and the kitchen, harmonizing simplicity, functionality and essentiality. The deepening of the raw material, which lasted over two years, took place with the precious advice of the National Center for Truffle Studies and could only be the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, the undisputed temple of the Tuber magnatum Pico, the best place to present this new creature ».

The limited version of 50 pieces is made of damascus steel, the result of the oldest tradition in the production of steels, which for centuries has been a symbol of excellence in the art of cutting and which guarantees an incredible sharpening performance. A block in white Carrara marble is the ideal pedestal for this object.

Thanks to the fixed blade, XFETTA overcomes the problem of cutting adjustment, obtaining a constant and thin blade and also avoiding waste. In this way every single slice will be characterized by the same intensity of perfume and the same organoleptic characteristics. The White Truffle of Alba, in fact, is eaten raw and the surface of the slice is ideal for spreading the aroma that from the plate propagates through it.

XFETTA will be available for purchase exclusively at the International Truffle Fair of Alba from 13th October 2019 at the organization’s stand and on

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