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On October 13th, in the midst of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, a Sunday to discover other generous fruits of the earth: the capital of the Langhe will become an immense banquet to celebrate the versatility of herbs and spices.

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From 9am to 7pm Information: Tourism in Langa 0173.364030.


You will find forty exhibitors divided into thematic areas in Piazza Risorgimento: Barolo Chinato, bitters, spirits, tea and herbal teas, candies, chocolates with spices, oils, ointments, creams and perfumes …

In addition to traditional stalls, it will be possible to take part in free experiential workshops on herbs and spices, conducted by the Muses European Academy of Essences of Savigliano, which arrives in Alba to reveal the secrets of perfumery, discovering the olfactory pyramid, the raw materials used in the fragrances and the wonderful power of smell.

The association A.L.T.E.A. (Association of Graduates and undergraduates in Herbal and Related Techniques) will work alongside the Muses with an informative / workshop banquet to satisfy doubts about properties, uses, characteristics, curiosity, etc. concerning officinal plants. A.L.T.E.A. will also set up the MicrO MondO exhibition. Life invisible to the eyes. The exhibition will show plant sections observed under an optical microscope accompanied by the plants from which they are drawn and the appropriate description to take visitors on a journey to discover the cellular structures inside the plant, invisible to the naked eye, and of their function; focusing attention on where, how and why plants produce the active ingredients, which we use every day when we wash or cook, in the clothes we wear, in paints, in the air and all around us.

In Piazza Pertinace, Vermout Riserva Carlo Alberto with Drogheria Alba will present a journey through spices and aromas, roots, herbs and flowers and alchemies, used in the production of vermouth and bitters, bitters and liqueurs of the Piedmontese tradition. A free sensory analysis laboratory ( reservation required 340 36 40 919)

Great expectation on the part of the public that every year returns to the search for the most extravagant spice or the rarest ointment, but above all on the part of the exhibitors who draw from a pool of public formed for over 50% by loyal users, who now for more of ten years it returns to Piazza Risorgimento in Alba just to look for the aromatic banquets proposed by the program of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba.

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