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On the Dogliani roads

Enogastronomic itinerary to discover the treasures of the Western Langhe, World Heritage of Humanity, spectacular hills, great wines, delights of good food and ancient jewels of art.

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The territory of production of Dogliani wine d.o.c.g. it embraces the south-western Langhe from the river Tanaro to the Alta Langa and the Monregalesi hills and offers landscapes of incomparable beauty. Land of small-large treasures, of flavours and traditions, of good foods and intoxicating scents, of fascinating landscapes and surprising works of art. The vineyards of the low Langa vineyards merge and blend with meadows and woods and offer colorful geometries and fascinating shades of colour. Here the best exposure is reserved for the vine, here the essence of the Dolcetto grape finds the ideal soil to best express in Dogliani wine d.o.c.g. its pleasantness, elegance, roundness and character.

But not only great wines, even exceptional raw materials such as beef from Piedmontese Breed, cheeses, sheep, goat and pork meats, the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnut, aromas and flavours that can be found in the great dishes of the gastronomic tradition, the raw and cooked cured meats, Agnolotti, Cisrà, Tajarin, raw meat salad, Bollù di Carrù beef, hazelnut cake, Langhe Sheep Tuma (Slow Food Presidium), PDO Murazzano

And in addition, fascinating landscapes, villages perched on the hills, jewels of art to be discovered …


Sunday 13th October 2019 from 9.30am to 12pm

There are two meeting and departure points for making the latest entries and for collecting the pass, the map, the glass and the brand new brooch:

• Vicoforte, at the Tourist Office (in front of the Sanctuary) in Piazza Carlo Emanuele I – 37 44 ° 21 ’45’ ’- 7 ° 51’ 49 ’’ Testing of glasses with Ovada wine d.o.c.g.

• Dogliani, at the Dogliani Wine Shop d.o.c.g. in Piazza San Paolo 9 – 44 ° 31 ’48’ ’- 7 ° 56’ 42 ’’ Testing of glasses with Ovada wine d.o.c.g. and Birra Frè.

From 10 am to 6 pm Free itinerary with own car on the Dogliani wine roads d.o.c.g. Each point reported on the map will host a wine producer and a food producer who will offer their products for tasting.

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