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A Cena con il Cuoco

The gastronomic event launched by Confartigianato Imprese Cuneo to enhance the craftsmanship of the Cuneo chefs.

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24th October 2019 – “Il Nazionale” – Vernante – Chef Fabio Ingallinera

Among the various initiatives in support of the “Creatori di Eccellenza” project, twelve dinners have been organised, cooked by as many Cuneo chefs, thanks to which they can take a “journey” between craftsmanship and flavors throughout the Granda, joining the plain, Langhe and valleys.


Small welcome samples appetizers

Alpine Char, mountain TartrĂ  eggs and yogurt, Porcini and Black Truffle

Risotto and Vegetable Brown Background

Milk cheek, Mustard and Licorice

Bitterness Mont Frisson, Small confectionery

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