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Chickpea of ​​Nucetto: to fill up with vitamin A, calcium and iron

One of the typical recipes to enjoy this product is the Ceci di Nucetto farinata made from ground chickpea flour with stone mill.

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Cece di Nucetto is a typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The Nucetto chickpea is a rustic plant which can be 30-50 cm high and its cultivation cycle is quite shirt, about 120 days. The fruit is an oblong pod, which contains 2-3 globous, ocher legumes.

Area of production

The area of production includes Nucetto and the neighbouring districts located in the Val Tanaro.


history of the chickpea is closely linked to an historical  event held in Nucetto to celebrate the Assumption. According to tradition, during the 50’s in order to relieve the local economy of this small village, a butcher and a tradesman decided to organise a fair in order to attract a larger number of tourists. They thought that dedicate this event to the chickpea was a great idea, because it was different from all the other local celebrations. Although the chickpea event was not advertised, the free chickpeas distribution attracted a large crowd. Today for this event are cooked over one and a half quintals of chickpeas together with “cotechini” (typical Italian pork sausages), which are served to the crowd by girls dressed as gypsies.

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