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Festival of truffle songs

On October 26th, the 5th edition of the festival celebrating the “King of Mushrooms” through popular music returns to Montà d’Alba.

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Montà d’Alba – Casa del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba Foundation Ecomuseum of the Rocche del Roero – Piazzetta della vecchia sawmill, 2 / b – Montà d’Alba Tel 0173 976181


Saturday 26th October, from 8 pm, amongsongs and “tales” dedicated to truffles, the best songwriters and storytellers from Langhe, Roero and Monferrato will compete.

Guests of the event musical and folk groups from the main truffle-growing regions of Europe. With the extraordinary participation of the master Peppe Vessicchio.

There will be three juries in the hall and three prizes for singers of the competition: the critical jury, made up of journalists and experts, will be called to express themselves in order to declare the overall winner of Sapin d’Or; the popular jury formed by the audience present in the room, who will be invited to vote for their preference on specific cards; and finally the jury of the trifolao, a large group of trifolao who will award an additional prize.

Challenging each other on the stage of the Montà Multipurpose Hall, an elegant hypogeum space accessed from the central Piazza Vittorio Veneto, starting at 9 pm, there will be some of the best-known singers on the Piedmontese and local scene: all names will be announced shortly.

With this ambitious initiative, the Roero confirms and reinforces its authority in the truffle sector, becoming a full member of the Alba Truffle Fair and focusing on the best truffle months with the one that over the years has been characterized as a “widespread fair” and “of the territory”: which opens with Montà with the University of the Truffle Songs and passes the baton to Vezza d’Alba with the Truffle Fair at the end of November, then closing in Canale with the gathering of the trifole dogs in January .

An original and new project, which also aims to create synergies and friendships between the truffle-producing regions of Europe, a link that is also useful in strengthening one’s voice in making a common front in the sphere of EU legislation on truffle matters.

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