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Orienteering competition

Sunday, October 20th, the ASD Oricuneo organises, in conjunction with the competition of the regional middle distance championship, a non-competitive orientation competition open to adults and children to allow everyone to try their hand at this sport.

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Info: Claudio tel. +39 346 9747 588


The meeting is scheduled for 9.30 am at the Pian delle Gorre refuge in Chiusa Pesio, while the departure time will be at 10.30. The non-competitive route will be around 1-2 km. A brief briefing will be held before the race to explain to the new arrivals how the race works.

There is a small refreshment at the end of the race.

At the time of departure a map of the competition area will be given: red circles will be drawn on the map. Within each circle, a control point called a “lantern” was placed, which you will need to reach and hit with a chip provided by us. The goal is to complete the route by passing through all the control points in the expected order.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult; it is also possible to compete in pairs.

Registration until Wednesday 16 October by sending an e-mail or directly to the competition area until maps are exhausted.

Registration fee 7 euros, including map and electronic chip to detect the passage on the lantern.

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