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The event will take place during National Fiera del Marrone in collaboration with the G.F. Ghedini di Cuneo on October 18th at 9 pm at the Toselli Theater.

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Approaching the world, creating links and sharing musical and professional experiences are the basis of this original project conceived by Bruno Mosso, professor of the Classical Department and Luigi Martinale, professor of the Jazz Department at the “Ghedini” Conservatory of Cuneo. A profound work of four-handed writing in which the passion for music, without gender barriers, points to the synthesis of languages, passing on the same level the freedom of jazz and the rigor of the classical tradition.

The quartet by Luigi Martinale sees the presence of some illustrious names on the international jazz scene: Cocco Cantini on saxophones, Yuri Goloubev on double bass and Zaza Desiderio on drums. Martinale chose musicians with a strong lyric personality to give voice to his original compositions, in which the melodic component is accompanied by a sophisticated harmonic path that reinterprets the history of jazz in a personal way.

The quartet mainly performs Martinale compositions, conceived for the individual voices peculiar to the group, voices with very strong originality: Cantini lyrical and robust at the same time, at ease in the most cantabile parts as well as when aiming at pure energy, Goloubev with an impeccable sound and always extraordinary in his solos, Desiderio with a baggage that combines Brazil with the most up-to-date demands of European jazz.

For these appointments the quartet has expanded, becoming an unusual formation, which with the addition of seven classical instruments reaches sonorities all to be discovered and enjoyed.

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