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Johannes Pfeiffer exhibits in Pocapaglia

The Creativamente Roero chapter dedicated to the municipality of Pocapaglia was inaugurated: the protagonists of the day were the works of Johannes Pfeiffer, a German artist specialized in land-art projects and environmental installations.

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Many of his installations have been made all over the world: after moving to Turin in 1988, Johannes Pfeiffer begins to travel and realizes art projects in Europe and in the world. In 2007 he created El silencio de las voces at the Pontificia Universidad Catòlica de Chile in Santiago, in 2008 Phoenix in the Beijing Olympic Park, in 2009 he created Energy fields in the Clayarch Museum Gimhae-South Korea, in 2011 Zwischen Himmel und Erde in Sankt Lukas in Monaco, in 2013 Piedras erráticas at the Casal Solleric Museum in Palma de Maiorca, in 2015 participates in the ArtFest of Astana in Kazakhstan. In 2016 he realizes his work Un barco de solo ida in Antofagasta-Chile. In 2018 he installed his work Mémoire oubliée in a Friche in Paris in Monmartre. Pfeiffer specializes in works of art called site-specific, created specifically for the space in which they are installed.

“The language of Johannes is the contemporary language, it is different, it is not the realist representation of the masca but it is an interpretation through a material that recalls this story. – this is how his work in Pocapaglia is illustrated – He found a place in a central point of the country, this burnt trunk , was transformed taking a new semblance like a purifying rite. This artistic process wants to make visible the metamorphosis of the material, from a material stage to an immaterial one, from a physical state to a spiritual one, in a sort of sublimation that leads from death to a new life. Connecting the charred trunk with the overlying tree through a bundle of luminous wires Johannes sought the dialogue between life and death, between good and evil, between light and darkness ”.

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