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Barolo & Castles Foundation welcomes the new entry

The castle of Magliano Alfieri becomes part of the Foundation established in 2011 with the aim of managing the “castle system” that develops around the WiMu – Barolo Wine Museum in a direct and integrated way.

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Informations: Barolo & Castles Foundation tel. 0173.386697


After Barolo, Serralunga d’Alba and Roddi in Langa, Magliano Alfieri is the first castle in the Roero hills to enter the circuit that deals with the conservation, maintenance, management and enhancement of castles, historic houses or other museum complexes in the area.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the entrance of the castle of Magliano Alfieri in the Foundation, born precisely to involve reality and create a true district of the castles of the Unesco hills – says the president of the Barolo & Castles Foundation, Paolo Damilano -. I am convinced that this is an ambitious project founded on solid foundations, already capable today of managing and communicating our manors as a single high-level tourist and cultural attraction, in terms of numbers and quality of the offer ».

Owned by the Municipality since 1987, the castle of Magliano Alfieri – belonged in the seventeenth century to the family of the Alfieri di Sostegno (lords of San Martino) and summer residence of a very young Vittorio Alfieri who mentions it in several of his letters – houses in its halls the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, in particular with the section of the Ceilings in Gypsum, and from 2015 the museum itinerary dedicated to the Landscape Theatre of the Langhe and Roero hills.

“We are happy and proud that Magliano Alfieri is the first town in the Roero to be included in the Barolo & Castles circuit, which with professionalism and success deals with the management of historical assets of our territory – says the mayor of Magliano Alfieri, Giacomina Pellerino – . The aim is obviously to enhance our castle and make our museums more accessible. For years the Municipality has been committed to maintaining the building with structural interventions and also important restorations and, now that the manor has been recovered almost in its entirety, our requirement is to let the world know its beauty. Our wish is to be able to increase the number of visitors and soon see other castles of the territory follow our example “.

Committed over the past few years to restoring, managing and enhancing the Roero castle, even the cultural association Amici del Castello Alfieri will continue to work with the Barolo & Castles Foundation. President Carlo Sacchetto: “Our association was born at the end of the 1980s and has always been made up of municipal councillors, citizens and volunteers with the aim of animating and keeping alive the activities hosted in the ancient manor. Thanks to the work of Antonio Adriano, it was decided to set up the Museum of Gypsum Ceilings and the association then dealt with the openings and visits, collaborating with the various municipal administrations that followed and creating cultural events, exhibitions and initiatives for the enhancement of local products. Also in the realization of the most recent Museum of the Landscape Theatre the association was very involved. A story, that of the castle of Magliano, partly similar to that of Barolo, where the community has always been committed to promoting its manor in the best way. Joining forces with the Barolo & Castles Foundation today means aiming to better manage our architectural, historical and cultural heritage and ensure it an even more solid future “.

The Barolo & Castles Foundation currently manages the municipal castle of Barolo with the WiMu – Wine Museum; the municipal castle of Roddi with the exhibition space dedicated to Giacomo Morra; the castle of Serralunga d’Alba, a state property belonging to the Piedmont Museums Pole of which the Foundation is the custodian of management and development services; the WiLa – Wine Labels Collection; the municipal castle of Magliano Alfieri with the two exhibition routes that are set up there, the Landscape Theatre and the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions – Chalk Culture.

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