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The book “Langhe, the 100 Wonders (+1)” presented in La Morra

The volume “Langhe, le 100 Meraviglie (+1)”, published by Typimedia, is a tale of knowledge, flavours and beauty.

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An emotional journey in a territory of Piedmont that goes from Alba to Asti, up to the borders of the region. A land at the foot of the Alps, immersed in an atmosphere of other times, declared Unesco Heritage in 2014. Edited by Ilaria Gai and Carola Serminato, released for the series of the Wonders of Italy, Typimedia publishing house, uses the splendid photos of Fabio Muzzi that has been able to capture moments of light, framing and details returning images that can excite.

The book will be presented, as part of the initiatives organised by the Libreria Paesi Tuoi, on Saturday 19th October, 6 pm, in the Church of San Sebastiano in the municipality of La Morra. Among the speakers:  the mayor of La Morra Maria Luisa Ascheri, the curators Ilaria Gai and Carola Serminato, the publisher Luigi Carletti and the journalist Livio Partiti. To conclude a toast in the Langhe area, kindly offered by Terre del Barolo to your bookshop.

Edited by Natalia Encolpio and enriched with the map by Matteo Moscarelli, the book in 100 (+1) places enhances the charm of a territory that is a source of pride for the country. A place full of beauty and wonders that hide in the squares of the perched villages, under the stones of the castles and medieval churches, inside the cellars and among the tables of the taverns. The book is an unpublished itinerary that, through 101 author shots, leads us to discover a treasure of nature, history and traditions. An itinerary where we will also find the soul of some characters. From writers like Cesare Pavese Beppe Fenoglio and Vittorio Alfieri who have been able to tell the nuances of this land, to entrepreneurs such as Michele Ferrero and Carlo Petrini who have exalted it and made it grow with their entrepreneurial ability and foresight.

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