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Alba: city of excellence

The city is surrounded by vineyards from which some of the best known and most prestigious wines of Italy are born. Here, in autumn, the highly prized Tuber magnatum Pico is celebrated with the International White Truffle Fair of Alba.

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Alba, the “capital” of the Langhe, rich in culture, history and traditions, hides not only gatronomic treasures.


In the middle of the wonderful landscape of the Langhe, arises Alba, which has always been the economic centre of this area. The ancient name of this city was Alba Pompeia, because it was founded by the Romans and it shows many proves of its ancient origins. It is an important industrial centre at European level thanks to many textile and food industries.

What to see

Fascinating night view of the historic city center

The city hall is located in a central position and for this reason it has always had an important role in the history of the village. It is one of the main attractions of Alba, it was probably built on a Roman building, it conserves many important paintings. The main religious building is in piazza Risorgimento, in the heart of the historical centre: it is the Duomo of San Lorenzo, patron of the city, it was built probably in the XII century and then it was restored several times. The church of San Giovanni Battista is the second church of the city for ancientness. It has been managed for three centuries by the Agostinians and it is carachterised by a medieval structure, inside it conservers many important paintings. You can visit also the church of San Domenico, founded in 1292. Via Vittorio Emanuele II is the ancient “Via Magistra”, it is the main road which cross the historical centre and it is full of medieval decorations and renaissance monuments such as Casa Fontane and the Belli and Serralunga palaces. Nice to visit is piazza Savona, at the end of Via Vittorio Emanuele II, with the tree avenues which round the Roman wall ruins.

Eat & Drink

On 31th October 2017 Alba has been recosgnised part of the Unesco World Heritage for its food creativity. The main and most famous product of this city is the white truffle, king of recipes such as fresh pasta tajarin, eggs and fondue. Among the recipes we have to mention the Alba meat (raw meat finely cut), the Barolo pot roast and the vitello tonnato. The confectionery industry is very important in fact Alba is the seat of the Ferrero factory. It is even important the wine production, with many Aoc and Aocg wines which are produced in this area.


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