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Sambucano lamb: wool and meat are precious

Twenty years ago this race was reported by the Fao as “vulnerable”. Then the slow rebirth began.

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The Sambucano lamb is a medium-large sheep that is part of the typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The Sambucana sheep breed, also called Demontina, is a traditional breed of the Stura Valley of Demonte. These sheeps are medium sized,  the male weighs about 90 kg and the females about 70 kg. Its head is elongated and has a slightly-mutton profile, generally hornless. Its fur is white with a discreet wool quality, it is rare to find one of them with black coat.

Area of production

The Sambucano lamb is breeded in the Stura Valley of Demonte and in the adjacent valleys: in the valleys of Maira, Grana and Gesso in the Province of Cuneo.


The Sambucana sheep is autochthonous to the Stura Valley and we do not know its origins. In the past, crossbreeding with the sheep from Biella caused a deterioration of  its characteristics like its rusticity, meat content and wool quality and, for this reason,  many recovery actions have been undertaken to give more value to the Sambucana breed.

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