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Scrittorincittà: the 2019 programme

The complete programme of the 21st edition of Scrittorincittà will be presented on Tuesday 29th October at 6 pm at the Monviso cinema. Exceptional guest is Andrea Vitali, in Cuneo to tell the new book “Sotto un cielo always azure” (Garzanti).

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Scrittorincittà: the 2019 programme and Andrea Vitali

There was a lot of greenery around, lawns, trees, a river, the sky always blue, all that I see in the drawings I was doing then when today, thinking back to that time and what happened, about them.

Mattia’s luck is called Zaccaria. It’s his grandfather. A tall, thin type, with a moustache and a deep voice that makes the windows tremble. Since he came to live in his nephew’s house, sharing the bedroom with him because there is no other place, things have changed from this to such. For Mattia the boring life of an only child is as if he had engaged the fourth and … away in the woods to learn the sounds of birds and the way they use trees to communicate with each other, to look for chestnuts or to pick cherries climbed on the branches. And in the evening, waiting to fall asleep, the sound of the grandfather’s voice telling incredible stories of places and people never heard before. A paradise! with lots of greenery around and a sky always blue. One morning, however, when he wakes up, Zaccaria no longer seems the same. He’s serious, nervous, and you can’t tell what he’s talking about. The doctor’s diagnosis leaves no doubt: it can no longer be kept there. And for Mattia the whole world seems to collapse suddenly. Is it possible that the grandfather is so serious and is not one of his jokes instead? Or has it entered a whole new reality that opens only before the eyes of those who know how to see it?

With Sotto un always blue sky Andrea Vitali takes us to the most intimate place of his imagination. He winks, inviting us to follow him behind invisible gates that really squeak, in that space of our mind in which we keep the most vital part of ourselves but which we often believe is no longer possible to reach, when instead it would not be so difficult to discover the wonder that we surrounds, especially in what we call madness only because we are afraid of looking at the true hidden in everything.

Andrea Vitali was born in Bellano in 1956. A professional doctor, he made his debut in 1989 with the novel The Procurator, which won the Montblanc prize for the young novel the following year. In 1996 he won the Piero Chiara literary prize with The Shadow of Marinetti. Arrived at Garzanti in 2003 with Una finestra vistalago (2004 Grinzane Cavour prize, narrative section, and Bruno Gioffrè 2004 prize), he continued to receive wide acceptance by the public and critics with the novels that have followed, constantly present in the book rankings best sellers, obtaining, among others, the Bancarella prize in 2006 (The daughter of the podestà), the Ernest Hemingway award in 2008 (The modista), the Procida Isola award by Arturo Elsa Morante, the Campiello prize jury section of the literati in 2009 , when he was also a finalist in the Strega Prize (At least the hat), the international literature prize Alda Merini, prize of the readers, in 2011 (including Olive). In 2008 he was awarded the Boccaccio literary prize for the complete works, in 2015 the De Sica award and in 2019 the Giovannino Guareschi Award for Humor in Literature.

How to join the event: the appointment is free (subject to availability), but you can reserve your seat by registering for the event on Eventbrite. You will receive your ticket by email. At the entrance we will ask you to show it (even on a smartphone; it is not necessary to print it).

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