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AICA Award 2019 in Alba

The new edition of the Oscar for environmental communication will be held Saturday, November 16, 2019 in Alba, in the Vittorio Riolfo room.

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Stefano Liberti, Federica Gasbarro, Lucia Cuffaro, TG3, the Euro-Mediterranean Center on climate change (CMCC), Andreco, Due Gradi, Adaptation are the finalists of the new edition of the AICA Award: the award ceremony will be held in Alba (CN ).

Published the names of the finalists of the new edition of the AICA Prizes, 2019 edition. The award ceremony will be held Saturday, November 16, 2019 in Alba (Cn), in the Vittorio Riolfo room, within the framework of the International Truffle Fair. As every year, three categories will be awarded:

  • The section “Communicating citizens is good for the environment” is presented each year in a specific theme. This year the theme chosen is “Communicating sustainable behaviors” and the finalist candidates are: Lucia Cuffaro, an expert in self-production, Rai’s face in the section Who is for herself and president of the Movement for the Degrowth Happy Movement; Adaptation, web-doc that tells the good practices of those in the world is facing climate change making a virtue out of necessity; Federica Gasbarro, a young activist of the Fridays For Future movement, selected through the green ticket to participate in the UN Youth Climate Summit;

• The section “Communicating climate change” which in the 2019 edition sees the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on climate change (CMCC) among the finalists; the artist Andreco; the online magazine DueGradi; and finally the national TG3 network, represented in Alba by its director Giuseppina Pateriniti;

• Finally, the Lifetime Achievement Award, named in memory of Beppe Comin, will be awarded to journalist Stefano Liberti

Finally, the online vote of the popular jury is envisaged. A single vote is allowed. The names of the winners of the first two categories will be revealed during the Albese ceremony. Also published the MOTIVATIONS that led to the selection of these candidates!

A Youth Award will also be awarded by the students of Alba.

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