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Alpine herb liqueurs: the mountain in the glass

Alpine herbs grow spontaneously and are rich in beneficial properties. After harvesting they are dried in mountain huts on special wooden structures and then left to infuse in ethyl alcohol.

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The liqueurs of alpine herbs are typical products of the Cuneo area.



The typical alpine herbs spirit you can find in the Cuneo province are: Amaro Dragonet, Amaro Chiot, Saint Veran, Genzianella, Elisir di Genziana and Erbe Alpine, Achillea Moscata, Centerbe. Alpine herbs used: muscat achillea; artemisia; seeds of Carvi; male genepy; gentian root; gentianella flowers; Juniper berries; root of imperatoria; peppermint; mountain thyme. Other ingredients: alcohol, sugar, water and officinal herbs. These product have a natural colour.

Area  of production

The area of production overlaps with the Cuneo province.


The use of the mountain herbs to produce spirits dates to the beginning of the 20th century.

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