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“BEE – mountain cheeses”

For information, the organizing secretariat of the Municipality of Villanova Mondovì is available from Monday to Thursday, from 8 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6.30 pm, while on Friday from 8 am to 1 pm, to the following references: telephone 0174.698151 (internal 3) or 377.0990340; e-mail or

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Per informazioni, la segreteria organizzativa del Comune di Villanova Mondovì è a disposizione dal lunedì al giovedì, dalle ore 8 alle ore 13 e dalle ore 14 alle ore 18.30, mentre il venerdì dalle ore 8 alle 13, ai seguenti riferimenti: telefono 0174.698151 (interno 3) oppure 377.0990340; e-mail oppure


“BEE – Formaggi di montagna” will develop through two days of events, always in the sign of absolute excellence, following the will of the exhibitors themselves, expressed thanks to the information questionnaires prepared by the Villanovan municipal administration. Not only the numbers, therefore, make the growth of the event tangible and evident, but also the economic replies of the sector operators who choose Villanova Mondovì as a square to make the most of their productions.

The seventh edition, the third with the title of National Fair, continues the path towards the broad and complete enhancement of high altitude products. The architects of “BEE” will be, as usual, the Municipality of Villanova Mondovì in close synergy with the Slow Food Monregalese, Cebano, Alta Val Tanaro and Pesio Convivium and in collaboration with the Confraternity of Trippa and Rustìa di Villanova Mondovì. A meticulous behind-the-scenes work that will bring producers and visitors from all over northern Italy and beyond to Monregalese.

The goal is to increase the record figures of 2018 when they “stamped the card” over 100 producers, with presences from Liguria, Valle d’Aosta, Lombardy and also from France. Protagonists, then, are the 300 heads of the sheep and goat festival with over twenty different species of sheep and goats, with the predominance of the frabosana-roaschina, landlady, without forgetting the ‘curious’ suffolk, the ‘four corna’, llamas, until to the ‘soft’ alpacas that have caught the attention of visitors.

The 2019 edition will see the debut of the collaboration with AgenForm, the Agency for Educational Services of the Province of Cuneo which, together with the Slow Food Monregalese Convivium, will organize the ‘Meeting Bee Lab’, an event intended primarily for breeders, but also for the agribusiness companies, experts and technicians.

Saturday, November 16, from 10 am, an in-depth study will be held in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo: at the centre of the meeting, divided into three round tables, the themes of hygiene and food safety, of milk processing and goat meat at the end of his career, and finally the circular economy. During the discussion the participants, together with experts in the field, will have the opportunity to discuss the problems and find ideas to create a collaboration; to moderate the three work tables, an exceptional face such as Silvio Barbero, vice president of the University of Pollenzo.


A significant change is also linked to the way exhibitors register with the event. In fact, on the website, the form containing the various fields that allow you to fill in the application for participation in ‘BEE’ quickly and safely, following the various instructions of the system.

Once registered for the seventh edition of the BEE – Formaggi di montagna review, to be held in Villanova Mondovì on November 16th and 17th 2019 (with the following times: Saturday, 15-20; Sunday, 8-18) , the Municipality will provide participants with exhibition spaces of 3 meters by 3 meters including gazebo, electricity supply, night surveillance, general ante / post-event cleaning, coordination of access to parking areas, promotion of the fair by trade magazines, newspapers, radios, televisions and social networks and posting posters, at the VAT rates indicated below, with the deadline for registration on November 14, 2019: € ​​70.00 with registration by October 10; € 90.00 from 11 to 25 October; € 110.00 from October 26th to November 6th; € 150.00 from 7 to 14 November.

Finally, for exhibitors wishing to stay overnight in the Monregalese area, an ad hoc agreement is available with the Hotel Restaurant “Commercio” in Roccaforte Mondovì (Norea district).

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