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Piedmontese beef is one of the best in Italy

Lean, but particularly tasty, this meat can be tasted raw with a knife seasoned only with oil, salt and pepper.

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The Piemontese beef is a typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The Piedmontese cattle is easy recognizable thanks to its white mantle and it is reared especially for the production of high-quality meat. Some animals are called “Fassoni” or “della coscia” for their with particularly hypertrophic muscles, they stand out for their low level of connective tissue between the muscular fibers, reason for which this meat is tender to chew. This feature increases the yield of meat. Thanks to its low cholesterol-content,  the Piedmontese cattle meat leaner than many white meats and it has even lower fat-content, thus is acknowledged as one of the best meat in the world for its diet-nutritional values. The red colour of the meat shows its high iron content and a significant quantity of antioxidants, mostly associated with vitamin E.

Area of production

Piedmont, especially in the province of Cuneo, Asti and some areas of the Turin province.


The Piedmontese cattle was born as a result of the fusion between the local types of  cattle cattle with the Zebù, which came in Europe from Asia over than 30.000 years ago. In the past it was used to work and to produce milk and meat. Currently these animals are used for the meat production, even if there is still a discrete milk production. This evolution is linked to the discoveries of the XIX century about the responsible genetic mutation; it is just in this period which  the “coscia” feature is discovered. Initially breeders were wary about this, but then they discovered that this feature could be a great economic advantage.

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