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Barbera d’Asti “Litina”

Cascina Castlèt belongs to the Borio family for generations. Mariuccia inherited it from her father in 1970. Over the years she has had to make courageous choices also in marketing with suggestive, sometimes provocative, very individual bottles and labels. A touch of inspiration on the names of wines, Passum, Policalpo, Avié, Litina, Goj, Ataj and Uceline: all contain a little secret, a story, a story, which we invite you to try to get to know. “Those who choose a bottle of Cascina Castlèt love beautiful things, good things, things that make them dream”. The grapes are grown in 31 hectares of vineyards in Costigliole d’Asti.

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Grape types

The fermentation of the must in contact with the skins lasts about 12 days. The fermentation temperature is kept constant at 28 ° C. to obtain the maximum extraction of colouring and tannin substances. The alcoholic fermentation is immediately followed by malolactic fermentation which reduces the acidity of the wine, giving it harmony and balance.

It matures in medium-size oak barrels for about eight months and is aged for over a year in the bottle. It is ready for marketing in the second year after the harvest.

Main features
Intense ruby ​​red colour that turns to garnet during its maturation. Ample, intense and very persistent bouquet. Its structure and generosity show hints of vanilla and berries. Dry, warm, full-bodied flavor, enhances all the characteristic vinosity of the grape. Remarkable softness and balance; long and intense persistence.

Pasta dishes, tagliatelle, ravioli, seasoned with meat or game ragù. It goes well with meat main courses, stews and roasts. Excellent with medium-aged cheeses, with toma and pecorino cheeses.

Service temperature
18° C (60°F)

About… Barbera.
It is the only wine that offers the brand of the house on the label, a brilliant and bold graphic development of the three Cs, the initials of Cascina Castlèt Costigliole. It is the symbol of innovation in respect of traditions, of the solidity of feelings and generosity of our rural families, of love for the cultivation of the earth and of the vine in particular. It owes its name to the great-aunt Litina, who brought as a dowry this vineyard today remembered with its name.

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