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Corn pastries: the pleasant crispness of corn under your teeth

Traditionally wet in red wine, nowaday they are served with hot zabaione combined with a classic Moscato d’Asti, also a passito.

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Meliga pastries are typical products of the Cuneo area.



Corn-flour pastries, Italian “paste di meliga”, are sweet biscuits. They weight about 10-12g and their shape change according to the local tradition. Ingredients: wheat and corn flour, butter, sugar, eggs, salt, yeast and grated lemon peel.

Area of production

Corn-flour biscuits are produced in the Cuneo valleys. The most famous centres of productions are in the Mondovì and Barge areas, in particular the village of Pamparano (Mondovì) is famous for it very fragrant pastries, recognised by the Slow Food garrison.


The corn-flour biscuits have very ancient origins, they werre produced in the farmhouses with the only ingredients avaiable at the time (wheat and corn flour). In the Barge area they are called “batiaje” because they were offered on the Christening’s day.

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