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The events of the sixth week of the Truffle Fair

The second weekend of November, gourmets will have the opportunity to participate in one of the novelties of the 89th edition of the Fair. For the first time, in fact, we leave the borders of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato to reach Valle Cervo, in the Biella hills, where La Bürsch is located, a dwelling with a surprising charm.

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It is an unprecedented project made up of unique experiential paths where nature and culture meet in the dimension of travel. It is there that on Friday 8th November Martino Ruggieri, head chef of the restaurant “Pavillon Ledoyen” three Michelin stars in Paris, will cook with the star chef Eugenio Boer of the Milanese restaurant “Bu: R” in an intimate and wonderfully domestic dimension. It is in that enchanted place that the excellence of the White Truffle of Alba will meet local and international flavors and allow you to live a unique experience in which to rediscover the pleasure of taste and sharing. The experience at La Bürsch Includes dinner, overnight stay and breakfast all cooked together by chef Ruggieri and Boer.
On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November many Foodies Moments will be hosted in the Beppe Fenoglio Room thanks to the Sensory Truffle Analysis (Saturday at 11.00 and 15.00 and Sunday at 11.00), at the Wine Tasting Experience® (Saturday at 17.30 in English and Sunday at 15.30 in Italian) in the Workshop Room of the Cortile della Maddalena. Also this weekend (Sunday 10th November at 5.30 pm with free admission on booking on the site in the spaces of the “workshop room” come back the EVO Tasting Experience Oil, one of the most appreciated appointments among the novelties of the 2019 edition of Fair. Giulio Scatolini will lead “The game of perfumes. Variations between artichoke and tomato “, or a tasting of the two aromas that most distinguish the extra virgin olive oils and that act as a watershed also in food pairings.

The special guest of the weekend is the Valle d’Aosta have signed a with memorandum with the City of Alba, the Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourist Office and the International White Truffle Association for the enhancement of the Fontina PDO of the Valle d’Aosta and the Alba White Truffle. Two chefs coming from the Vallée will be the protagonists of the show cooking at the Alba Truffle Show in an exchange that will see the Fair and the Tourist Office present the Tuber magnatum Pico at the Competition of Fontina d’Alpeggio “Modon d’Or” which will take place on December 7th at the Bard Fortress. The Foodies Moments at the Alba Truffle Show are open to the sign of international cuisine: in fact, you can’t miss the appointment, on Saturday 9th November at 11.00, with the chef ** Michelin Yong Zhang, founder and executive chef of Xinrongji Group.From the small restaurant of his city in southern China thanks to the “always do better” philosophy he travelled to learn from the masters the different techniques of traditional Chinese cuisine, coming to build around his kitchen an empire made of several brands and 30 restaurants open throughout the country, three of which were awarded with Michelin stars. During the Truffle Auction 2018 he won the most spectacular lot from Hong Kong.At 18.00 the protagonist of the showcooking (sold out) arrives from the Valle d’Aosta, to celebrate also through his kitchen the new and interesting link between the International White Truffle Fair and the Vallée PDO Fontina. The chef and owner of the Cafè Quinson in Aosta (* Michelin) Agostino Buillas, arrives at the Alba Truffle Show with his delicious, intelligent cuisine, the result of passionate research.

On Saturday 9th November appointment with the expected “Pasta Atelier” in the spaces of the Alba Truffle Show (sold out). At 3.00 pm in the dining room Beppe Fenoglio “I Tre Chef – Albagnulot & Co.”, that is the chefs Walter Ferretto, Fulvio Siccardi and Diego Pattarino, will take care of the organization of a fun lesson, followed by a tasting to learn the secrets of pasta homemade egg, which finds its perfect balance when paired with the White Truffle of Alba. On Sunday 10th November the show cooking program opens at 11.00 with the Friulian chef Andrea Berton of the Berton Restaurant in Milan (* Michelin). At 18.00 the Valle d’Aosta still protagonist with the encounter with the young talent Paolo Griffa who brought not only freshness and novelty to the prestigious kitchens of the Royal, but above all love and respect for the territory in which he is a guest, in this case the Valle d’Aosta, which honors its dishes with different aromatic herbs with a fresh taste as well as a unique appearance. An important birthday, in 2019, for the Alba White Truffle World Auction: twenty years for the main beneficial event linked to the Tuber magnatum Pico. Sunday 10 November 2019 the Auction will take place as usual at the Castle of Grinzane Cavour in the presence of prominent wine and food personalities, the world of entertainment, entrepreneurship and for the first time with the new president of the Piedmontese Enoteca Regionale Cavour Roberto Bodrito, who recently took over from Senator Tomaso Zanoletti.The Salon of Flavors and Perfumes celebrates Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 19.30 The chocolate of the confectionery artisans of the province of Cuneo and the precious Piedmontese grappas. Last weekend in Piazza Falcone for the Artisan Food Market of Confartigianato Imprese Cuneo, the large pavilion where the “excellent” companies of the important agri-food sector of the Granda province present themselves.
On Sunday 10th November there are many markets that enrich the experience of the many visitors to the Fair: in Piazza Rossetti, the CIA Market, in Piazza Costanzo Bubbio (in front of the former court), the Mercato 0 Km of Campagna Amica, in Piazza Falcone, the Market of Confagricoltura “Let’s meet at the Fair”. Alba Truffle Bimbi, the large free entry space in Piazza Medford dedicated to children, is open Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November from 11.00 to 19.00. In the Church of San Giuseppe, every Sunday morning of the CLASSIC Fair continues the series of concerts proposed by Alba Music Festival.

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