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The propitiatory dinner for the 109th edition of the Carrù Fat Ox fair

The Osteria del Borgo will host this convivial moment on Thursday 14th November.

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To join the dinner you must book by Wednesday 13th November, by calling Lorenzo (tel. 339-6651424) or “Osteria del Borgo” (tel. 0173-759184), or by writing to the e-mail addresses: info @ slowfoodlanghe-dogliani- Carru. or


The fair changes, but not the ritual that precedes it and wants to be a good omen for its success. If, for the first time in its centuries-old history, the “Fat Ox Fair” will not be limited to one day, extending its temporal boundaries from 12th to 15th December, the propitiatory dinner (organized since 2008 to ensure that “the Carrù Il ox of Italy is virtue “) confirms the appointment on Thursday.The banquet, organized by the Slow Food conduit “Langhe Dogliani Carrù” with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Carrù and in collaboration with the restaurants of the Carrucis, the National Association of Piedmontese Cattle Breeders and the Enoteca Dogliani Docg, is scheduled for Thursday 14th November from 8.30 pm at the Osteria del Borgo in Carrù.The protagonist of the evening at the table, following the indications that emerged from the search for the illustrious culinary scholar and the great gourmet Giovanni Goria, will be the “Grande bollito Risorgimentale” composed of seven cuts, seven ornaments and seven sauces (“bagnet verd”, “bagnet russ”, “sausa d’avje”, “cögnà”, “cren”, apple and ginger jam, red onion jam, in addition to coarse salt and new extra virgin olive oil) served with the best wines of the producers associated with the Dogliani wine shop.The menu includes a start with lard with aromatic herbs and salt-marinated beef fillet. A meat main course consisting of the cuts: scaramella, shin, bow, tail, chicken eroulade. The second turn celebrates the flesh with tip, tongue and head. It will be the prelude to the third course, defined by muscle, tenon, zampino and cotechino, and ravioli served in beef broth.
The dinner will end in sweetness with bunet and hazelnut cake with eggnog.

As tradition dictates, the meat boiled in this evening will be beef, which “renounces” to become an ox to propitiate the success of the fair.The cost of the dinner, all inclusive is 42 euros for Slow Food members and 45 for accompanying persons.

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