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“Galuperie” at the Manta’s castle

In the frame of the Castello della Manta, on Sunday 10, 17 and 24 November 2019, from 14 to 18, the appointment with Galuperie returns: lovers of art, music and the glutton will have an extraordinary opportunity to discover the rooms of the manor on notes of ancient melodies and to “take to the throat” with tastings of delicious “sweetness”.

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Info: Castello della Manta, Manta (CN) tel. 0175/87822


In addition to visiting the halls of the castle, famous for the large halls of the 16th century and the Baronial Hall, in which one of the most striking examples of 15th century painting is preserved, the Youth Fountain, guests can enjoy a sweet galuperie snack and immerse yourself in history by listening to ancient music in the Sala delle Grottesche of the sixteenth century.

On November 10th, on the occasion of the first appointment, a trombone quartet will perform, consisting of Antonello Mazzucco (RAI National Symphony Orchestra), Rocco Tisi (Omegna musical high school teacher), Edoardo Colombo and Alessio Novara (Novara Conservatory students ): the ensemble will play Renaissance music and the four-way concert by Georg Philipp Telemann with the curious exhibition at the four corners of the Salone delle Grottesche to make people understand the effect of escape, one of the most important expressions of counterpoint in the history of western polyphony. On November 17th, during the second afternoon of the Galuperie, it will be the turn of a sax quartet from the Musical Institute of Ciriè (Professor Carla Ferrero with Maria Grazia Ferretti and two students), who will propose Renaissance dances and suites to highlight the beauty and the ductility of sound, without giving up the technical and virtuosic qualities of this musical instrument. At the end of the exhibition, on November 24th, the Chamber Orchestra of the Fossano Musica Foundation will perform (students coordinated by Professor Simona Perotti). The string orchestra literature developed in the mid-seventeenth century but, for the occasion, the transcriptions of the music of Palestrina and Orlando di Lasso will be performed to recreate the sonorities and atmospheres most similar to the period of artistic development of the castle. A special occasion to experience an afternoon of beautiful and beautiful things!

Galuperie are not included in the ticket price.

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