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“Cavoli Tuoi” in Mondovì

On Sunday 10th November 2019, from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, in the Baroque salon of Mondovì Piazza, Piazza Maggiore, you will experience a leap back in time, in search of the cultural roots of the Monregalese tradition; in fact the traditional “Fiera di S.Martino” is back, today become real marketplace for culture and culture.

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The Association “La Funicolare”, with the patronage of the City of Mondovì and the collaboration of the Proloco Frazioni and the Amici di Piazza, proposes, thanks to the contributions of Confcommercio Ascom Monregalese and Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo, a great classic of the Monregalese autumn . …

Until the early sixties, the San Martino Fair was, when the modern means and conservation systems did not exist, a favorable opportunity for the supplies needed for the winter period.

Starting at 12.30 it will also be possible to taste the traditional local soups. The menu will offer tripe, por and coj minestrone, Dogliani cisrà, Nucetto chickpea soup, Piozzo pumpkin soup, beans with Bagnasco pork rind, sauerkraut and cotechino and, finally, fritters and strudel of apples from Garzegna (De.Co.): ancient recipes, gathered for the occasion, to delight and warm the palates of visitors, all accompanied by a good glass of Dogliani DOCG wine.

For the whole day on Sunday a further captivating initiative is scheduled: “How did people have fun once?”, Prezzemolo will entertain the public with games that adults and children used in the last century. Among the proposals there are also curious twentieth century entertainement. The expected distribution of the “San Martino bowls”, unique and unrepeatable artifacts is also confirmed: a new collection that lays the foundations in the ancient art of ceramics, deeply rooted in the history of Mondovì and Monregalese.

At 2.30 pm there will also be the ceremony for the “Cavolo d’oro” award with Domenico “Pizzi” Mantella, Maria Cristina Gasco, Pierlorenzo Mantella and Ferruccio Dardanello, people who have dedicated over the years a great attention and commitment in the realization of the event.

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