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Murazzano Pdo, specialty for connoisseurs

Its simple and natural processing attests to a peasant tradition that includes a fat and soft paste, available in round and compact tome, produced with only sheep’s milk and now available also mixed sheep and cow milk.

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The absence of particular aromas, makes rediscover the taste of pure and genuine milk at tasting.


Identikit and main features

The Murazzano Pdo is a fat cheese produced with pure sheep’s milk or with 60% at least. The sheep’s milk comes from the Langhe sheeps. The Murazzano is cylindrical and weights between 300 to 400 g. The texture is milk white, its structure is consistent and soft. It has no rind and after the seasoning it is slightly yellowish. The fragrance is delicate and the taste is fine. Still today it is handmade.

Area of production

The Murazzano Pdo is produced and seasoned in 50 municipalities of the Alta Langa (Cuneo).


In the past, on the market day, the women of the Alta Langa went to Murazzano with a basket covered with a checked towel. They went to sell their cheeses “tume” to the traders of Torino. These women sold the cheese produced and milked the cow. The history of this cheese, produced in the Langhe of Cuneo, is linked to these women, who took care of sheeps and managed the cheese production and selling. The municipality of Murazzano has been the main centre of production of the Tuma and here, in the ‘60s, for the first time was held the “Mostra concorso delle robiole”.

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