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Cuneo pepper is distinguished by its fleshy pulp and “mustache”

This vegetable is not an hybrid, but a native variety that stands out for its appearance and consistency. It can be eaten raw in pinzimonio or cooked for the bagna cauda.

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Cuneo pepper is a typical products of the Cuneo area.


Identikit and main features

The Cuneo pepper  better known as “quadrato di Cuneo” (squared of Cuneo) has some peculiar characteristi which make it unique: the shape and the texture of the core (about 10mm) which is hard, fleshy and crispy. The berry can be yellow or red, but is always characterised by 3 or 4 lobes terminating in the pointed distal part; just in this point, where the lobes join together, the pericarp generally presents brownish bronzing shades called “baffi” (moustaches).

Area of production

The production area of the Cuneo pepper is included in the territory of the province, with the exception of the mountain regions with altitudes exceeding 680 mamsl.


The first historical reference dates back to 1915 when it was mentioned among the commercialised products in the “Bollettino Prezzi Mercati Città di Cuneo”. The Cuneo variety probavbly comes from a natural cross between an old native variety and the huge square shape variety of Naplesand Nocera. This crossing characterised by high genetic instability and it was initially grown in the area north of Cuneo. Here is it where horticulturists have given life to the Cuneo variety, spreading it to bordering areas and in other places in the province, in particular in the Bra area. Currently it is grown in most of the flatland of the Granda, covering an area of 450 hectares.

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