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“The Book Room” in Genola

Also this year, in Genola, the Autumn edition of the book lounge is back. Three Thursdays and one Monday immersed among words and images to understand the world around us.

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On Monday 18th November ON THE TRACKS OF EDUCATION by Kristian Caiazza and Michele Gagliardo. From an early age curiosity about what we do not know is the engine that makes us take the first step towards a new experience, towards the exploration of the world. From a journey we always return transformed. Through interviews and stories, the authors give us back what they encountered in the main educational contexts: the family, the school, the community, politics. Parents Association in the Courtyard will be present at the meeting.

On Thursday 14th and Thursday 28th November FOTOLIBRI – Reading the world through photography. With the shots of the members of the IMAGO photography club in Savigliano.

All meetings will be held at the Sala Polivalente of La Finestra on the Castle in Via Cussino at 9.00 pm.

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