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Michele Placido at the Mirafiore Foundation

The complete programme of the 10th edition of the Permanent Resistance Laboratory was presented to the Mirafiore Foundation in Fontanafredda.

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Among the guests announced:

Belen Frau, Bianca Berlinguer and Vladimir Luxuria, Samantha Cristoforetti, Michela Murgia and Chiara Tagliaferri, Milena Bertolini, Umberto Galimberti, Stefano Mancuso, Nando Pagnoncelli, Paolo Crepet, Telmo Pievani, Stefano Mancuso, Nando Pagnoncelli, Paolo Crepet, Carlo Freccero, Alessandro Milan , Leoluca Orlando, Marco Bucci, Alberto Cirio, Lamberto Frescobaldi, Edoardo Nesi, Michele Placido, Aldo Cazzullo, Nada, Nicola Piovani, Simone Cristicchi and Joe Bastianch.

On Tuesday, November 12th, at 6.30 om, is scheduled the meeting with Michele Placido, great actor of the cinema and of the Italian theater, from the title: “Federico II: the art of the integration and the acceptance”.

The evening will begin with a 35-minute screening of the film STUPOR MUNDI, reviving the legendary and historical figure of Fredrerick II, a visionary medieval lover of beauty, author of a policy of harmony and integration, a forerunner of Renaissance times. After the screening we will discuss with Michele Placido about the themes of beauty, integration and diversity. Frederick II lives again as a “new man”, modern, fought in moral and religious dilemmas that are still current and perhaps unsolvable even for contemporary man.

At the end of the meetings, for those who wish, at the Osteria Disguido will be available a la carte menu dinner. For more information you can write to or call 0173 626442.

And this is only the beginning! Many other guests await you. Discover the full 2019-20 programme on the Mirafiore Foundation website and book your place! Participation is, as always, free.

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