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Cuneo Réclame

The Civic Museum “A. Olmo “, in collaboration with the Culture Council, hosts the Cuneo Réclame exhibition from 8th November to 1st December 2019. The Cuneo Province represented in advertising posters from the Soleri Collection.

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A selection of 60 advertising posters of products, companies, tourist and ski resorts in the province of Cuneo, part of the Soleri Collection.

The Soleri Collection is an extraordinary collection of vintage advertising and graphics, who was born thanks to the curiosity and interest in the advertising history of Elvio Soleri (1944-2015), who dedicated about forty years to a passionate research.

The exhibition shows the evolution of graphic taste starting from the end of the nineteenth century, telling the story of paper advertising through the tastes and different fashions and at the same time also the history of Italy and its industries, focusing on three main thematic groups: the mountain , the car and the Piedmontese territory.

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