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We recycle with love at the Craveri Museum

Saturday, November 23rd, is scheduled a workshop where decorations are created with waste materials for a zero-impact Christmas.

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Info: Città di Bra – Museo civico Craveri
Tel. 0172.412010


Are you looking for ideas for an eco-sustainable Christmas? At the “Craveri” Civic Museum in Bra on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at 3.30 pm there will be a workshop called “RicicliAmo”, an event dedicated to children aged 4 to 11 who – led by the operators of the museum and the social cooperative “Alice” in Alba – they will learn to create beautiful decorations using waste materials. To participate in the event, included in the calendar of events of the international campaign dedicated to environmental sustainability “Let’s Clean Up Europe!”, it is necessary to book by Friday 22nd November at “Craveri”, by calling 0172.412010 or by writing to craveri@comune.bra The activity costs 3 euros per participant.

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