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“Terre del Monviso” are family friendly

On Tuesday 26th November 2019 a day about  “family-friendly” tourism development in Monviso area is scheduled at “Il Filatoio” in Caraglio.

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Admission  is free, registration required by Friday 22nd November at 0171.900061 or


The purpose of the day, aimed at tourism and cultural operators, but it is also opened to all; the intention is to discuss tourist accommodation in many ways, moving from psychology to marketing and reflecting on the concept of family tourism, a segment much more articulated and multifaceted than one would normally be led to believe.

In the morning, the programme includes three interventions from psychology, marketing to tourist accommodation conducted by as many experts; to follow the operators of La Fabbrica dei Suoni will propose a practical demonstration of the functioning of the box game “Pluf! Gioca con le terre del Monviso!”.

The day is part of the activities planned by the project, aimed at creating support tools for tourism businesses in a large area that includes the valleys from the Stura to the Po, passing through the Saluzzo area, to help them get closer to the needs of the family tourism market, also favouring the creation and development of dedicated professional figures.

Thanks to the Pluf project, a quality label was born for the reception for families, called FAM.VISO, to bring out the area of ​​the Occitan Valleys of Monviso as a welcoming and touristic appealing area for families with children and school groups: there are about eighty tourist accommodation companies that have already joined the brand, free of charge, signing a protocol and receiving promotional materials to distribute to customers.

Thanks to the quality label and its promotion on the national and international tourist markets, the aim is to increase the awareness of tourists towards the natural, cultural and tourist resources of the territory, in a perspective of strengthening sustainable tourism.


 9,30 am

Registration, welcome coffee and greetings from the authorities

10 am

Il cliente inafferrabile. Understanding the Other: the weight of verbal and non-verbal communication in tourism. (Raffaella Giordano, tour operator and psychologist)

10.45 am

Come diventare buoni imprenditori di se stessi? Small strategies to be effective online and offline without spending. (Denise Lupani, owner of Brandsider)

11.30 am

Sei sicuro di conoscere la famiglia che verrà? Tourism and families: to better understand a relationship that too often we tend to simplify. (Luisa Tatoni, director of the magazine “GG Giovani Paritori”)

12.15 am

Scoprire il territorio giocando. How to bring out the Terre del Monviso thanks to the game Pluf! (La Fabbrica dei Suoni, Venasca)

1 pm

Lunch break. Buffet offered by the organization

2.15 pm

Lavorare con le famiglie è possibile? La parola a chi dice sì! (Emanuela Zilio, EU Project Manager and integrated communication expert talks with Nicolò Quarteroni of the Ferdy Farmhouse in Lenna in the Brembana valley – Bergamo and with Giulia Codara of the educational farm Amici Cavalli di Brivio – Lecco)

4 pm

round-table conference among operators

5 pm


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