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Agnolotti: tasty traditional dish

Classic dish of the Piedmontese cuisine, in each area the filling is prepared in different ways.

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Agnolotti are a type of fresh stuffed pasta, typical of the Cuneo area.



Agnolotti are the Piedmontese version of the italian ravioli. It is a type of fresh filled pasta parcels, made with two egg-pasta sheets, which contains a mix of meat, eggs, Parmesan, salt, pepper, nutmeg and sometimes spinaches, herbs or cabbages. They are traditionally served with ragù sauce or with butter and sage.

Area di Produzione

Agnolotti are produced in the Cuneo province and in the whole region.


The term “agnolotti” has uncertain origins: some people think it comes from “anolino”, a term which in Parma indicates something very small as a wedding ring; whereas others say this product took its name from a chef from the Monferrato area, whose name was Angelotu (Angiolino). His best receipe was “Piat d’Angelot”, (a dish of agnolotti) and so from it the term “Agnolot”.

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