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Savigliano, a city rich in history, surrounded by greenery

Savigliano is one of the main centers of the Cuneo plain with about 20,000 inhabitants. The artistic testimonies of its historical center and its territory denote a past rich in history.

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Savigliano is a town in the Cuneo area located at the foot of the magnificent Alps.


Savigliano is one of the main centres of the Cuneo province and it counts about 20.000 inhabitants. Its historical centre shows a past full of history. At the end of the XVI century the city was a military power and its supremacy on the neighbouring villages gave it the possibility to enhance the arts and in particular the development of the “scuola saviglianese”, specializsed in the painting. At the beginning of the XVIII century the walls which rounded the city were destroyed and Savigliano lost its supremacy. About 100 years later the city has become an important textile and mechanical centre, thanks to the railways  in 1853. The first industries which were founded in 1880 were the Società Nazionale delle Officine di Savigliano (SNOS), an international company which was then acquired by the FIAT group and more recently the French ALSTOM.

What to see

The visit starts from the medieval square of Santorre di Santa Rosa, with its Civic Tower, symbol of the city and the Triumphal Arch that leads to the “Neighborhood of the Nobles” where there are the seventeenth-century palaces that hosted the dukes of the Savoy family. From here you get to the church of Sant’Andrea which preserves, in the Chapel of San Nicola, a cycle of fourteenth-century frescoes, undoubtedly the oldest in the city. Palazzo dei Taffini d’Acceglio, with its splendid frescoed hall of honor and the eighteenth century rooms in rococo style. Today it is the seat of  the Mùses – European Academy of Essences. A short walk then leads  you to Palazzo Muratori Cravetta, which belonged to important noble families and transformed at the end of the 16th century into a prestigious residence. Continue to the neoclassical Teatro Milanollo, called the small Carignano theater, for the beauty of the internal decorations that embellish the environment. In front of the theater is the majestic Convent of Santa Monica, today the seat of the university, with a splendid garden that stands in the internal quadrilateral of the building. Not far from here, there is the impressive Arciconfraternita della Misericordia also known as “Crosà Neira”, where ancient architectonical elements are joined with modern forms, creating a unique building. Have a rest in Piazza Molineri to admire the beautiful cloister of the San Pietro church. Then walk along the pedestrian streets of the city and reach the “cheese square” so called because until a few years ago the traditional weekly market was held. Today it has become an elegant square overlooked by the Confraternita della Pietà, a masterpiece with works by important artists.

For Nature Lovers

Savigliano is one of the city of the Cuneo province for the best proportion between inhabitants and public green areas. Savigliano has always enhance the green areas with the constructions of tree avenues made up of limes, plane trees, maples, horse chestnuts, hibiscus and prunus. The park is dedicated to the mayor E. Graneris, who, in the ‘70s decided to retrain the military area destined to the soldiers training creating a public park with sport equipments and more than 500 types of essences. In the historical centre you can find other two gardens: the first one dedicated to “Marinai d’Italia” in which there are many sailor materials surrounded by maples, plane trees, magnolias and cypress; the second one is located near piazza Cavour which is considered a nice playground for children full of spruces, cypresses, ginkgo bilobas, beeches, elms and hornbeam of considerable size and value.

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