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Porcini mushrooms: all the types to look for

Collecting porcini mushrooms is a practice that requires a lot of experience. In particular with regards to the knowledge of the woods and the territory.

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To find them, do not stop at the first glance: mushrooms are often covered by vegetation. They are also born in the most difficult places to see, that’s why it’s important to be careful observers.


It is not possible to describe this region without mention these two natual products: the porcini mushrooms which grow into many different woods spread around the Cuneo valleys and which appear quite copiously every year. It is also worth mentioning the famous White Truffle of Alba a very rare, precious product, king of the menu in the most prestigious national and international restaurants. The main species of mushrooms you can find in Piedmont are the porcini mushrooms, different from season to season (porcino moro estivo, autunnale). Moreover there are some other interest species such as the Red Porcini Mushrooms and the “Grifola frondona” (a polypore mushroom).

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