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Cuneese Ski Season 2019/20

The Cuneese ATL presents, with an evening event, the launch of the Cuneese Ski Season 2019/20.

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Guests of the evening were the Italian champions Stefania Belmondo, Kristian Ghedina, Davide Bendotti, Davide Gros – FISIP federal technician.

The journalist Marino Bartoletti moderates the meeting.

The free admission evening, subject to availability, will take place at the VARCO auditorium Via C. Pascal 5, Friday 29 November at 8.30pm.

Reservations required at 0171.690217 – int. 1 or at the Cuneo Tourist Office in Via C. Pascal 7 (Mon-Fri 8.30-13 and 14.30-18, Sat and Sun 10 am-4pm)

During the afternoon, Piazza Ex Foro Boario will host the Snow Village with animations for adults and children.

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