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A look on Milan: Chef Andrea Ribaldone

He is the chef of the Osteria Arborina in La Morra and catering manager of Identità Golose in Milan.

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Andrea Ribaldone: a chef who has found the right compromise between Milan and our lands!

He was born in Milan in 1971, but he has Piedmont in his veins: in the mid-1990s he left Milan and moved to Piedmont, to the places of origin of his father, Lu Monferrato and his mother – his father was his undisputed master in the kitchen.

Ribaldone’s grandfather r had a famous pasta factory in Milan: in the Second World War he served the army soldiers and he invented the famous pasta in the shape of the “Wheel”.

After several high-level experiences, in the summer of 2014, he opened “I Due Buoi” din Alessandria, awarded with the Michelin Star in December 2015: a real gastronomic laboratory, where numerous chefs are trained.

The adventure of “I Due Buoi” ends at the beginning of 2017, a period in which the chef works to start his new gastronomic catering project, the “Osteria Arborina” in the Annunziata hamlet of La Morra.This restaurant has been rated “Best performance of the year” by the Espresso Guide of Italian Restaurants 2018 and awarded with a Michelin Star just nine months after opening.

From September 2018 Ribaldone is also responsible for all the catering at the “Identità Golose” in Milan, the first international catering hub, managed in collaboration with resident chef Alessandro Rinaldi.

Ans so the chef impeccably divides himself between the collaboration with an internationally renowned chef in Milan, and his Osteria stellata at La Morra.


Osteria Arborina
Frazione Annunziata, 27, 12064, La Morra (CN)
Tel. +39 0173 500340

Identità Golose Milano
Viale Romagnosi, 3, Milano
Tel. +39 02 2366 8900

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