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The UNISG joins the European Week for Waste Reduction

From 16th to 24th November 2019 awareness and commitment to combat waste in the kitchen and at the table: these are the key points of the European Recovery Week to which the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo has decided to join.

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Many initiatives are scheduled to promote awareness on sustainable resource and waste management.

In Pollenzo, work is carried out both in the classroom and in the kitchen.

First of all, the Academic Tables adhere to the “Week Recovery Times” project throughout the week, offering menus based on salvaged dishes.

“Tempi di Recupero” is a project born from an idea by Carlo Catani to propose recipes based on the products of the “fifth quarter”, recipes of the next day or to bring to light ancient forgotten recipes based on apparently less noble and less raw materials known. And obviously the “Week Recovery Times” goes in this direction, involving restaurants, taverns, canteens, in the name of good domestic practices, through which food can be recycled, reused and not thrown.

But not only: still at the UNISG Academic Tables, as part of the initiative “10 menus for 10 students 2019”, on Thursday 21 November the student Lorenzo Breda presents the menu “Ghe xè pì di che luganeghe”, said Venetian who wants to express the importance of knowing how to do economics without always abounding.

On the table there will be as a sardinian appetizer in saor, creamed cod, polenta with herring, then Risi and Bisi soup, followed by the first dish “Vigilia de Nadal” that is bigoli in sauce, and as main dish “El mercore dee zeneri” that is Baccalà alla Vicentina: in the end Pinza Vicentina, a cake traditionally prepared with the leftovers of the Christmas holidays, is as sweet.

And next to the recovery in the kitchen, could not miss the activity in the classroom.

In the context of the Life Foster project on 11 and 19 November, 32 students of the Master’s Degree in Food Innovation & Management, within the Systemic Food Design course, follow a module of 6 hours of theory and practice.

The theoretical part is edited by prof. Franco Fassio and Nadia Tecco and regards the hierarchy of food waste and the implementation of the circular economy principles in the catering sector. The practical lesson is held in the Pollenzo Food Lab with professor Carol Povigna and the collaboration of Carlo Catani of Recovery Times.

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