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8th week of the Truffle Fair

We have reached the eighth and final weekend for the 89th edition of the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, an event that has garnered an extraordinary public success and has celebrated the perfect balance between egg and Alba White Truffle, in a particularly favourable year for the Tuber magnatum Pico.

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Ente Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba
Piazza Medford, 3 – 12051, Alba Tel. +39 0173 361051 –
Ufficio Stampa Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba


The week began Monday, November 18th at 4 pm with the opening of a major exhibition in the Church of San Domenico entitled The Portrait Found, which brings the Lucanian Table attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci to Alba. The initiative can be visited free of charge until December 5th every day from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 19.

Wednesday 20th November at 9.00 pm (free admission) second appointment at the Social Theater curated by In Poetica and Wall of Sound Gallery. Alessandra Morra, director of an evening dedicated to Cesare Pavese where Gli Architanghi, Giuseppe Barone, Giorgio Li Calzi, Marco Lupo, Erika Urban and Pierluigi Vaccaneo will take turns on stage.

Friday, November 22nd at 5 pm in the ACA conference room, in Piazza San Paolo 3, the Cultural Association Giulio Parusso projects a story in pictures that paints “As we were. A walk in via Maestra and surroundings in the last century ”. Exceptional witnesses will attend who will recall their memories and complete the photos with anecdotes and contributions.

One day early on the last weekend of the Fair comes the last of the Unusual Dinners, big news of the 2019 edition, with Philippe Léveillé an exceptional cook at the Palazzo Comunale of Alba (sold out). Friday, November 22nd, the Municipality of Alba is ready to reveal in all its beauty the Sala del Consiglio, which is accessed through the sumptuous main staircase, and the paintings, sculptures and precious historical testimonies of the Albanian Resistance. Philippe Léveillé, two-star Michelin chef at the Miramonti restaurant in Concesio, who came to Italy in the 1990s after a Paris debut at the Winsor Clovis Hotel, the Helton Kennedy Hotel in New York, the Boucairre Meridiane restaurant in Martinique , up to the Vis Palace Grand Corniche in Monte Carlo.

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November last Foodies Moments in the Beppe Fenoglio Room.

Saturday, November 23rd at 11.00 am the other (** Michelin star) from Concesio will start with Philippe Léveillé of the Miramonti Restaurant after the Unusual Dinner of the previous evening. It continues at 6.00 pm with chef Fabrizio Tesse of La Rei Restaurant (* Michelin star) of Serralunga d’Alba.

It closes Sunday, November 24th at 11.00 with Massimiliano Musso (* Michelin star) of the Albergo Cà Vittoria restaurant in Tigliole d’Asti.

Last meeting on Saturday 23rd November at 3.00 pm in the Beppe Fenoglio room with the workshop “The PDO Rice of Baraggia Biellese and Vercellese” in which an expert will guide us to discover the characteristics and properties of this prized Protected Designation of Origin. The workshop will end with a rice tasting by chef Luciano Tona.

On the last day of the Fair, Sunday 24th November, the spaces of the Alba Truffle Show host the presentation of Paola Gula’s book “Favola Imbandita” at 4.30pm. Inside the frame of a little-known Piedmont, among wines, cheeses, books, restaurants and some laughter, between twists worthy of yellow and an unexpected ending, the adventure of a fierce journalist with a double life unfolds. The author and food critic Paola Gula will talk with chef Davide Palluda and writer Massimo Tallone.

The immersive experiences are also concluded: the Sensory Truffle Analysis (Saturday at 11.00 and 15.00 and Sunday at 11.00) and the Wine Tasting Experience® (Saturday at 17.30 in English and Sunday at 15.30 in Italian) in the Courtyard Workshop Room of the Magdalene. Also this weekend (Sunday, November 24th at 5.30pm with free admission on booking on the site in the spaces of the “workshop room” space to the Olio EVO Tasting Experience. Giulio Scatolini, professor of the University of Tastes, will present “La forza del sole”. Character and elegance “: deep South, homeland of strong character ingredients where the power of the sun and of the microclimate give life to very identity and powerful products.

Il Salotto dei Gusti e dei Profumi in Piazza Risorgimento it ends as usual with Panettoni under the towers. The event, in collaboration with the Alba Langhe Roero Confectioners Association and the Piera Cillario Institute of Neive, involves the artisan pastry shops of the Albanian territory that produce the fresh, preservative-free panettone, made according to a technical regulation with specific ingredients, in the established proportions. and following the techniques of craftsmanship. A last weekend dedicated to protecting a product of excellence known throughout the world as a dessert – a symbol of the Christmas holidays that makes people talk about themselves as much as in Italy.

Alba Truffle Bimbi, the large free entry space in Piazza Medford dedicated to children, is open on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November from 11.00 to 19.00. The subject of the highly sought-after “Instigation to creativity” workshops from 4.00pm to 6.00pm with free admission (by reservation or by calling – Tel. 3351301912) “From milk to cheese” and “Back home” to discover in the company of the Tabui dog the secrets of the territory and its typical productions.

Last appointment in the Church of San Giuseppe with CLASSICA, the festival of concerts proposed by Alba Music Festival. Sunday, November 24th at 11:00 am closes in style with guitarist Luigi Puddu with music by Albeniz, Villa Lobos, Barrios, Segovia.

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