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The story of Saluzzo told… en piemonteis

Sunday 24th November in Saluzzo an exceptional guided tour of Castiglia and Casa Cavassa will take place, completely in Piedmontese, to discover in the traditional language of the territory, the beauties and glories of the Marquisate’s court.

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For information and reservations, please contact the IAT Tourist Office, in Piazza Risorgimento, 1 – 12037 Saluzzo (CN), call the toll-free number 800392789, or send an email to


The story will be full of anecdotes, idioms, poems and songs that have marked the history of Saluzzo.

The visits will leave at 3pm in Castiglia and at 4.30pm at Casa Cavassa, with a meeting in the respective ticket offices. The journey will last about an hour.

The cost of the individual guided tours is 3 euros per person, free for children under 12 accompanied. For those wishing to participate in both, the cumulative ticket is 5 euros.

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