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A look on Turin: Le grandi cene autunnali di Eataly Lingotto

From “bagna cauda” to truffle: autumn is the king of the recipes by the chefs of Eataly Lingotto, many events scheduled for November and December.

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For information and reservations: and 011 19506801


In November and December the Eataly Lingotto Restaurants will host a series of theme dinners dedicated entirely to autumn, to the flavours of the forest and to the great Piedmontese tradition.

A calendar full of flavours, from the typical “bagna cauda” to the truffle, from the wines of our hills to a dinner in the dark in which to rediscover the flavours and our senses. This is the programme:

  • Friday 22nd November at 8.00pm: Bagna cauda dinner. The 2019 Bagna Cauda Day weekend will open with a convivial evening in the name of tradition:bagna caoda with cooked and raw vegetables and meat from the Alba area, followed by eggnog ice cream with cold mulled wine, served with Valle Asinari Barbera d’Asti wine (AT) – € 35, reservation is required.
  • Thursday 28th November: “dinner with the producer”, theme: “Nebbiolo Roc (K)!”. A sensory journey to discover the “garden of Turin”, the Canavese area.
  • At the Wine Bar di Eataly Lingotto Pane&Vino will be present 3 virtuous producers for a unique evening: Camillo Favaro, Gian Marco Viano and Viviano Gassino. They will talk about the main vine of Piedmont, Nebbiolo and about the pairings with the recipes of Claudio and Anna Vicina, the chefs of the Casa Vicina restaurant (1 Michelin star) – € 55. Event by reservation.
  • Friday 29th November at 7.30 pm: don’t miss the “Bollito Dinner”  at the Ristorante del Mercato. A great dinner organised in collaboration with La Granda and chef Alessandro Boglione with the best meat cuts. On the menu the seven typical cuts of the tradition with broth, red sauce and green and of course broth ravioli – € 40. Reservation is required.
  • Wednesday 4th December at 7.30 pm: “Dinner in the dark”, in collaboration with ASD Polisportiva UICI Torino Onlus, to live a food and wine journey in the dark, so as to discover how much our senses influence the perception of food – € 45. Reservation is required.
  • Friday 6th December at 9.30 pm: the “Great White Truffle Dinner”; at the Taverna del Re, the Turin bistro of the Guido Ristorante of Serralunga d’Alba (CN), 1 Michelin star. Ugo Alciati’s cuisine and the wines selected by his brother Piero meet the king of autumn, the white truffle – € 7. Reservation is required.

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