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Palazzo Bertello illuminated for the Fiera Fredda

A very little time is missing to the Fiera Fredda. The 450th edition, scheduled from 4th to 8th December, Borgo San Dalmazzo is enriched with light effects on Palazzo Bertello, the fulcrum of the event.

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Waiting for the Fiera Fredda scheduled for December 4th at 4pm, you can stay up to date by consulting the renewed fairground site and browsing the social media channels of the Fair.


Until December 8th, every evening from 5.30 pm to midnight, the facades of the former factory will be illuminated with plays of light to remember the appointment with the  Fair.

This installation is possible thanks to the precious contribution of  the “Bowling Queentouch” and the “Icarus Group”.

“My thanks are for these two activities, in particular I say thanks to Lino Tomatis and Flavio Vallò, who wanted to pay homage to the city in view of the 450th edition of the  Fair – said Orazio Puleio, president of the Ente Fiera Fredda della Lumaca di Borgo San Dalmazzo -. Also thanks to Confartigianato which, in the Borgo headquarters, hosts the projectors that allow to illuminate Palazzo Bertello. So we wanted to embellish Palazzo Bertello, the soul and headquarters of the Fair, to further underline the importance of the former  factory for an event as historic as the one we’re going to celebrate from 4th to 8th December “.

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