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National Fat Ox Fair

The countdown has started in Carrù. It starts on Thursday 12th December.

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These are intense days for the city of Carrù: the National Bue Grasso Fair, brings excitement to the preparations – which begin many months before – until the final moment of the zoo technical exhibition and the awarding that this year will have its most important moment on Sunday 15th December .

Because behind the moments of celebration and the numerous appointments – which this year begin already Thursday 12th December – there is a precise and careful machine, which puts every piece in its place to reach and exceed the objectives that has always been the National Fair of the Ox Grasso di Carrù stands, namely to be a great showcase for the territory and its excellences, first of all the Piedmontese bovine breed which is the absolute protagonist of the event, for over five centuries between tradition and innovation.

The Piedmontese breed is the first Italian native breed from the numerical point of view of the consistencies.

The fact that it is so widespread and has maintained consistencies over time, is due to the fact that it is a breed that has always satisfied the needs of the entire supply chain, starting with the breeders, passing through slaughterers, butchers and finally the consumer.

On the occasion of the presentation of the 109th edition of the National Fat Ox Fair – to be held Saturday, November 23rd at 4.30 pm at the Town Hall of the Municipality of Carrù – the Administration will deliver a plaque to the Pro Loco, to the person of the president Gino Nasari, and to the Dr. Guido Garnero of the Anaborapi.

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